How I learned to be STILL…

So my sister decided to ditch me in this blog. She has a little bit of a crazy schedule and I tend to have too much free time at work! Whoops.
So recently, me & my sister went on our first global mission trip together. It was my first ever global mission trip and my sisters second. Let me just tell you I learned more than I ever have in 10 days. Just to give you a little recap of what we did there, we visited: hospitals, feeding stations, orphanage ,girls home, and it seemed like much more.
I honestly could go on & on about how much I adored the kids at the orphanage and feeding stations, but I’m just going to go over what I learned and took from that experience. I learned how these people are so happy & content with what little they have. I learned that these kids really just wanted love, and most importantly I learned how giving these kids were. That truly blew me away, they have so little yet they still wanted to give me gifts!? Wait what?! It just showed me how much I have in America and how selfish I am. This is something that I truly want to work on now that I’m back in the USA because there is need EVERYWHERE, and I need to start in my own community.
Another BIG thing that I learned from this mission trip was to just be still and peaceful. Psalm 46:10 ” He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth (NIV).” One of my biggest struggles that I have when I’m on my typical schedule is just being still and listening to God speak to me. On this trip I decided not to take my cell phone with me, which was a BIG deal for me haha. I really didn’t realize how attached I’m to my phone until I felt weird without it. This was extremely important for me to do because it was my way of getting away from all of the distractions such as texts, fb, internet, and all of social media. After being free of this for 10 days I realized how important it is to detox this once in awhile and just be still and be in the PRESENT. One of the things that I try to practice on being in the present is just putting my phone away when I’m with a friend, or family and just be 100% in the PRESENT. (Not sure why I kept capitalizing “present”, but hopefully that got my point across).
I hope someone can relate to this 🙂

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